After Party

by Down By Five

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released August 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Down By Five Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Already Mine
Hello, hello, Let's deal with names after
I know, I know, Things are moving faster
Losing control, Is my favorite use of time

Your heart says no, But your body is the master
Who was the last one, I never thought to ask her
Let me tell ya that its really no concern of mine

You can run, you can hide
I'm already stuck in your mind

The two of us should find a room with low lights
But we won't settle down there
The ordinary isn't very nessecary
So let your body go where she likes

Your opening line - Got stuck in the middle
Of a wish and a riddle this time
She's already mine

You're hoping to find - A girl so alive, one that makes you feel right
But she's mine
She's already mine

Hey girl, I heard what you said
But every single morning still you wake up in my bed
and Losing Control
Is your favorite use of time

Your heart says yes
And it's getting pretty messy
Who will be the next one
It's better not to ask me
Let me tell ya that it's really no concern of mine

Already stuck in your mind
Already stuck in your mind
Truth is you fall too fast for anyone
Dreams speak in tongues we dont understand at all
So turn around and run
Track Name: Legacy
Stuck in this dimension
Don't act like you've never been warned
An open mind can keep you dry and warm
We'll spin this direction
We might get swept up in this war
No chance of ever knowing what we're even fighting for

We're alive - anyone can see it, still a mystery it's
worth a try - to save it while we live it, every single minute
Strapped for time - the clock will keep on ticking, memory flickering
When we die, the only thing remaining is just our legacy - that's right

Spend the night, just falling into open skies
It came to be eventually, you're asking me, but who am I to know
The answer is no one - is that what you're looking for?
An open mind can keep you dry and warm

I send a melody into the stream and hope it lives after my time
Don't hesitate or it's gone in a flash and you can't get it back, that's a crime
So put it down if you hear a sound that sticks out or you land on a good rhyme
Your brain on tape and feels right again, so now what's in your head, full of life
Track Name: Gravity
The edge has shown to extend, in the end, when you get there how do you know?
When you ascend it's cold, try to fly, get too high, or just stand there getting old

I heard once, that just like the surface right here on the earth, if you go far enough, you'll get back around again
Get this, as we close the distance, the trip turns to inches, and time's left behind, too late to ever turn around

The weight that pulls and holds us to the ground
The strangest thing we can't explain somehow
It might be drifting in from other planes
It's hard to say - it's locked away

Gravity, you to me, it's a good thing
Because it keeps you here next to me
Let's call it our ring
If we break free, into space we, still can safely, live and maybe, find a new world, to hold onto, maybe not.

Exceptions hold, all the lies you try to hide, in the end it all is known
And in the bed we show, every side, never shy, and if you feel this let it go.

It's best if, we stick to a distance, when we sense a difference - no use in a war - I learned from many days before
Hours make, years seem like a lifetime, still we see the starshine, from the past it stays, to light the eyes of everyone

So get your orbit on
Saddle up ride round the middle
Into space we're drawn
Gravitate into the riddle
Many minds don't know what to make of it
Telling lies, no doubt they're still faking it
Separate the myth from the maker - it's way past the time
Track Name: Undone
I found myself today
Sit around long enough and you lose the way
At last, it's all ok
Got a grip took a sip and I fade to grey

All day long I can sit around here
Waiting for a signal, breaking, clear
So say something I'm listening
Just a brush of skin is all need

So could you get a little closer
Even if it's nearly over
I guess tonight is kinda faded
Maybe you could be persuaded

I've got your angle, get what you paid for
If it's alright I'll call you angel just this once and never more
Let's not get twisted - I know what this is
Just one more board across your floor.

We're outside of love, and we orbit one star
Get lost in the strobe, and fold in all cards

So where is the line that you draw
Could all of this have been too far?
You said that you'd always move on
If only we could get undone
Track Name: Texture
Here tonight
Yes it's your world
No lines to fall into

All these years
We've been standing still
I think it's time to drop in gear

The texture of leather hide
The grip on the wheel at night
The spark I see in your eyes they're shining

The mark I leave on this world
The thread as it all unfurls
So hard to get to the truth I'm finding

We can't escape from everything
That threatens our lives
Not you or I

You said it once
Roll with the punch
Less black around the eye
And you were right

The texture of leather hide
The chill of the air tonight
I think I felt something right
did I, Did I?

The mark we leave on this world
The thread as it all unfurls
The best we can do is hold on now
Every morning is a nice suprise
So let's remind ourselves

And while we're here, let's have some fun
Head out, Head out, and feel the sun

They'll say here lies
No ordinary human being
He saw it all, he made a scene

It was a great show
And the only thing he hoped
Was for the world to know
For the world to know
It feels so much less cumbersome on your heart when you take in the world
with an open mind

The weight of it all fades away when you feel different textures and taste all the mixtures of every kind, nevermind shape or size, color and race aside, I'm gonna make you mine baby

This is your life
come on, get it together
You can be who you wanna
You can be someone better
But stop wasting time
Rip off the tether

This is my life
and I know, I'm making it matter
you do what you want
you do what you need
While I'm in the in between
Track Name: Undertow
You knocked but no one's home
Who are you looking for
And what's the reason for
The noise you made
You called they came in droves

What was the crime
Who's left alive
And who is the criminal
Senses been deprived
And drained of energy
Where could the evidence be
I'm starting to think you're suspecting me

Come and rescue me out from the undertow
See it's really got ahold
I've been close so long to letting go
Into the deep and I'll be home

On the bright side of staying dry
I'll have you by my side
The whole ocean it's not big enough
For the love of you and I
Look in my eyes
Emotions they don't lie
Don't go mistaking this for hope